School projects

My minor projects done at University of Tomáš Baťa in Zlín. We have done many different things – typography, graphic design, websites, visual identities.
2014 – 2016

Monthly poster
The goal was to design a poster for cinema or theater with a lot of information. I've picked cinema with monthly program. I really liked to work on this projects because it included a lot of tasks – research, real data or freedom of visual style.

Rosnička music festival
This was my first bigger illustration so it was quite challenge for me. Rosnička is in czech tree-frog so previous years were focused on frog in different situation. Our goal was to bring fresh air to the festival so I've picked different theme but I've left the frog as a legacy of previous years.

Bonjour Brno
French culture festival based in Brno, second biggest city in Czech Republic. Festival celebrates french culture, cuisine, art or theater.